Evren Yurtesen wrote:

try to figure out what does the files in /var/qmail/control
say, the users file etc. where is the domain directory there? considering
vadddomain could add something to there

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, David Gibbons wrote:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] [/var/qmail/vpop/bin] # ./vadddomain frenchclasses.com
Please enter password for postmaster:
enter password again:
Error: Unable to chdir to vpopmail/domains/domain directory

I've no idea where to trouble shoot this.. google is comming up empty of solutions/reasons.. i've triede reinstalling.... anyone have any ideas? i can provide more information obvious but i don't know else would be helpful

Okay i removed qmail and reinstalled and n
ow that problem went away (sigh magic?) and now i'm faced with this fun error when i try to check pop3

-ERR this user has no $HOME/Maildir Connection closed by foreign host.

any ideas or suggestions would be much apperciated.. again this is vpopmail 5.2.1
installed in /var/qmail/vpop

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