I'm trying to figure out how to get the new filter functionality in
sqwemail (I have 3.5.3) working with vpopmail 5.3.23 (which I'm just
about to install because I was using 5.2.1 until I found the authentication
bug affecting courier-imap).

I've searched mailing list archives, dug around on google, read the
maildrop docs and still the solution eludes me.  I can get it to work if
I manually create a .qmail file in a user's maildir but that is not an 
option on a server which will eventually have many virtual domains each
administered by the holders of those domains names and who can add users
at will.

It looks to me as if /etc/maildroprc might do the trick but unfortunately
I cannot afford to play with anything that might cause mail to bounce
because my pointy-haired boss decided to use his new personal domain as a 
test domain on this server and once it was able to send and receive mail
he used it to subscribe to various mailing lists that generate hundreds of 
mails a day about his cherished hobby.

Any solution must meet the following requirements:

  1) Fully compatible with sqwebmail's filters.  The whole point of
  trying to get maildrop to work is to allow the use of those

  2) Fully compatible with qmailadmin.  It must not require tweaks
  to .qmail files that get undone when they are modified by
  qmailadmin.  In particular, qmailadmin must be able to modify
  .qmail-default without disrupting filtering.

  3) Does not require any manual intervention by me to enable filters
  for newly-added users.  When a domain administrator adds a new user
  with qmailadmin then filters should automatically be available and
  should not require the administrator to request me to turn filtering
  on for a new user.

These requirements do not seem unreasonable to me so I suspect that
either vpopmail has yet to catch up with the new sqwebmail filters or
I'm missing the blindingly obvious (almost certainly the latter).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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