On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 23:27, Adam Hooper wrote:

> I might as well add something *constructive* to all this: I've heard and 
> seen nothing but good things from Wikis. Sourceforge has all you need to 
> set one up :). (I've used phpwiki, but as far as I know they're all 
> quite similar.) I think a vpopmail Wiki could be quite useful.

I need to give the SourceForce Documentation Manager a proper once-over,
I've only glanced at it, but Wiki has crossed my mind just about every
time I think about this.

The other thought that keeps crossing my mind is that DocBook is sort of
the holy grail of documentation these days as you can go from DocBook to
anything else.

The LDP's online documentation collaboration system will be using
WikiText on the front-end.

There's also a Wiki to DocBook converter that's part of that project. 

WikiWords lend themselves nicely to terse but highly-specific, answers
too. It's not much more effort to say "That's the FAQ
vpopmailWithMaildrop" than "It's in the FAQ someplace."

- Ron

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