Hi all,
I need to backup everything on the old email server and restore everything to a new one.  The software installed on the servers are identical.  What I've installed are:
qmail-1.03 and its modules on www.lifewithqmail.org
vpopmail 5.2.1
qmailadmin 1.06
MySQL-4.0.14 (RPM)
I've backup
When I've restored everything on the new server, I've found that:
1.  I can send and check email without any problem.
2.  I can't do ./vdeldomain and then ./vadddomain for the same domain.
3.  In qmailadmin, say, I've 10 domains on the server, I can login and do what I want for 9 domains, but for the rest domain, I got this error message when I wanted to select any option after logged in:
"Cannot change to the directory"
I would like to ask few questions:
1.  What're the correct & safe procedures for me to backup and restore it? 
2.  Why 9 domains are working but not the rest one?  The owner of /home/vpopmail/domains/* is correct, vpopmail.vchkpw, and I did chown -R already.  So, all domains should be the same. 
3.  Why I can't ./vadddomain after ./vdeldomain? 
Many thanks for your kindly help!
Best Regards,

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