Just a quick note, I just gave 5.3.24 a spin, and vdelivermail still
doesn't pass the $EXT and $HOST variables along when delivering to a
catchall address.  This, in effect means that you cannot filter any mail
destined to a catchall address.

I've seen a posting where someone had mentioned using "$PWD" to grab the
info, but for whatever reason when I throw the following line at maidrop,
it barfs:

USERNAME=`echo ${PWD##*/}`
USERHOST=`PWDTMP=${PWD%/*}; echo ${PWDTMP##*/}`

Meaning, $PWD has nothing in it...  I have it set to explicitly log those
values like so:

logfile "/home/vpopmail/domains/fasttrackmonkey.com/maildrop.log"
log "====="
log "host - $USERHOST  name - $USERNAME pwd - $PWD"

The result is:

host -   name -  pwd -

That case does not work regardless of whether it's a catchall delivery or


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