Tom, I've been tracking this thread with great interest.  But it's
implementation didn't make complete sense.  If I understand correctly:

: doublebouncentonull


This method pipes a doublebounce to a comment, which is essentially a
/dev/null and the message dies quietly.

What I'm not understanding is where to put the ".qmail-doub....null" file
in the vpopmail domains structure given that I have multiple domains

Does it go into the qmail (/var/qmail/{alias|users}) environment or the
vpopmail environment?  Per domain or single instance?  Where to put the

Thanks for helping clarify, this sounds really helpful.

> ::Beware that this does not seem to work 100% with vpopmail. Check
> ::the archives
> ::for a better answer.
> ::
> ::As a side note, "#" is not like "/dev/null", but perhaps you knew that.
> Upon further reflection I can see how that might be inferred.
> Just to be clear... dotqmail files are used as delivery instructions for
> qmail... and a # is actually nothing more than a comment... and with
> nothing
> else in the dotqmail file... the delivery agent doesn't know what else to
> do
> with the message and basically drops it to the floor and moves on.
> And in response to the vpopmail issue, which I wasn't aware of... if you
> created a .qmail-null file with a # in it... then it would bypass the
> vpopmail delivery agent... (Thank you Oden for bringing that to my
> attention.)
> I have used a .qmail file on my null user in both 5.2.1 and 5.3.20
> (currently in production) with no problems.
> Same end result...
> Tom Walsh
> Network Administrator

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