::Tom, I've been tracking this thread with great interest.  But it's
::implementation didn't make complete sense.  If I understand correctly:
::: doublebouncentonull
::This method pipes a doublebounce to a comment, which is essentially a
::/dev/null and the message dies quietly.
::What I'm not understanding is where to put the ".qmail-doub....null" file
::in the vpopmail domains structure given that I have multiple domains
::Does it go into the qmail (/var/qmail/{alias|users}) environment or the
::vpopmail environment?  Per domain or single instance?  Where to put the
::Thanks for helping clarify, this sounds really helpful.


As others have eluded to in follow-ups to your post... There are a couple of
different ways to accomplish this... It all depends on how you want to
implement it.

I am sure you can't put a fully qualified email address in doublebounceto
(been there done that)... qmail affixes the local domain
(/var/qmail/control/me) to your name in doublebounceto OR you can also add
another directive to the /var/qmail/control/... doublebouncehost... this
will concatenate with doublebounceto to create a fully qualified email
address to send double bounces to.

So for instance if you had in your /var/qmail/control/doublebounceto:


and your /var/qmail/control/me has:


then the null in the doublebounceto file will be expanded to:


OR if /var/qmail/control/doublebouncehost has:


then the null in the doublebounceto file will be expanded to:


If you don't have mail.domain.com or domain2.com as a vpopmail virtual
domains (entry in /var/qmail/users/assign), then qmail will assume that it
is a local user delivery (at least for mail.domain.com, an MX lookup would
be done for domain2.com if it isn't local ie: rcpthosts, morercpthosts,
etc). It will then consult the /var/qmail/alias/ dir to see if there is a
.qmail-null file there.

On the other hand if mail.domain.com or domain2.com _are_ vpopmail virtual
domains then you can put the .qmail-null file in the
~vpopmail/domains/mail.domain.com or ~vpopmail/domains/domain2.com
directory. Once again delivery will be handled properly.

To answer your other questions... the /var/qmail/control is qmail wide... so
all domains that qmail/vpopmail handle are covered by those directives.

Fun huh? :)

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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