On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 20:08, eLgino wrote:
> i have installed qmail with SMTP-Auth, and all works fine with Outlook
> Express of MS!, but when i try to connect via telnet "telnet host 25" and do
> a "auth login" and enter my username (VALID!) and password (VALID!) it
> comes: "user invalid ªï-Ö½-z                     235 auth failure, but go
> ahead", is use it with vpopmail my startscript:

Just a thought... you know it's looking for Base64 input there and not
plaintext, right?

If not, encode your ID and PW  and it will probably work for you then.

Also see this for an example SMTP Auth dialog (It's using Sendmail, but
that's irrlevant here): 

- Ron

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