::I think I may have found the problem.  Was there a structural
::change from 5.3.20
::to 5.3.24 in the mysql database?
::Just to see if I could create a new domain and have it work, I did the
::[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/vpopmail/bin# ./vadddomain blah.com
::Please enter password for postmaster:
::enter password again:
::vmysql: sql error[3]: Table 'vpopmail' already exists
::vmysql: sql error[3]:
::vmysql: sql error[2]: Unknown column 'pw_clear_passwd' in 'field list'
::Error: Unable to chdir to vpopmail/users directory

It sounds like you have clear passwords enabled in your vpopmail config,
which I think is defautled to enabled.

Reconfig and recompile vpopmail with the option --enable-clear-passwd=n and
that should fix the error above.

Some where (I forget which version) that option became enabled by default.
This breaks upgrades from versions where it wasn't enabled by default

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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