I've looked through the docs and googled and I didn't see anything in regards to
this topic.

I've set a default-quota 1or 20m, thus any user created gets set a 10m quota
unless I change it manually.

Now, I want to be able to (maybe upon vadddomain) to set a domain quota.  By
this, I mean if I create a domain (example.com), I want all its subsequent
users to have a default-quota of 20m instead of the 10m quota.  As you can see,
this is different than using a system quota on the whole domain.  So
[EMAIL PROTECTED] would get a 20m quota, [EMAIL PROTECTED] would have a 20m quota,
but [EMAIL PROTECTED] would still have the 10m quota.

The users would in example.com, when created using qmailadmin, will always be
created with a 20m quota.  Or I could even set the domain quota manually, it
doesn't really matter.

I'd prefer something like this, rather than changing each person manually, since
I want all this to be dynamically done due to the number of virtual users we

Is this at all possible?  Has someone thought of adding this option into
vpopmail?  Or is this already available and I'm overlooking something?

Thanks for the help!


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