another alternative is TWIG - . nice clean interface, and lots of functionality.

personally, i hated installing Horde/IMP - there's about a hundred and one dependencies, so i spent a couple of days installing all manner of little programs that IMP requires just to compile the damn thing.

i offer my customers four webmail interfaces to choose from (Squirrel, IMP, TWIG, and sqwebmail)...

At 01:31 AM 8/19/2003, Hannes Widmer wrote:

Hi Sebastien

Thanks for your replay......

The Demo Site of Horde is down. Do you know a other location to take a view of it?...


Hannes Widmer

Sebastien BOURGASSER wrote:

> Hi, > > I'm using IMP with imap. I find it nice. Look at > > Best regards, >

> >
> > Hi Darcy
> >
> >
> > Thanks for your verry fast reply *s*... I know sqwebmail and i
> > testetd but my problem is that I'm not a good Programmer and so it's

> > difficult for me and sqwebmail is nice, but the look needs to be
> > changed or are here any templates?....


Paul Theodoropoulos

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