jon kutassy writes:

> I took the windoze approach and restarted mysql, and its all working 
> fine!!

Which has the same effect as the suggestion in an earlier reply:
flush privileges, but results in a longer outage of mysql.  An
alternative to doing "flush privileges" from the mysql client is
to do a "mysqladmin flush-privileges" (or "mysqladmin reload" which
means the same thing but is less typing).

And you didn't use the Windows approach.  The Windows approach is
to reboot the computer any time you make a change.  In fact, the
Windows approach is to force a reboot upon you any time you make even
a trivial change to the configuration.

I suspect the day is not far off when Windows will report "You have
changed a critical configuration flag by toggling the caps-lock key.  
Windows must reboot now."  Followed in a  future release by "Windows has 
detected that the position of the mouse has changed and must reboot." (oh,
my mistake - that last feature has been in Windows all along, it just 
fails to work most of the time and when it does work you think it's
a random crash).  BTW, does anyone know if Microsoft-owned Hotmail is
still using qmail despite Bill's repeated attempts to force them to
switch to Exchange? :) 

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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