Hi John,

On 20 Aug 2003 11:30:44 +0100 John P. Looney wrote:

>>  So, it looks like that's working & logging in fine, even updating the
>> pop before smtp database.
>  I should have pointed out, 

You primarilly should have pointed out the relevant parts from strace
log. 'open-stmp' is irrelevant if you're searching for a problem related
to the users Maildir.


> that although running vchkpw from the command line works fine, it
> still gives;
> -ERR this user has no $HOME/Maildir

What makes you think vchkpw gives this error?
In fact it is qmail-pop3d that does.

Check the qmail-pop3d invokation line. It has to be 

qmail-popup <HOSTNAME!!!> <Password-Checker> qmail-pop3d <maildirname>

Additionally try this:

 printf "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" | \
  ~vpopmail/bin/vchkpw \
  /bin/sh -c 'id; echo; stat "$HOME/Maildir"' 3<&0

and see if the UID given by 'id' command has correct permissions to

> Is there a "next step" in debugging vpopmail you could recommend ?

Yes. Beside the steps above that give some information I'd sit down an
hour or two and heavily think about what has changed on the system.
You wrote:

>   I have a vpopmail server that's been running fine for over a year.
>   Now, it's refusing to authenticate people;

And this gives exactly /ONE/ conclusion: something was changed. Else
behavior wouldn't have.

I've quickly searched qmail sources and there are /EXACTLY/ two
conditions when this error is triggered:

1.) No 'Maildir/' (or other directory name) at the end of qmail-pop3d
2.) No permissions to 'chdir' to this given directory.

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