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Subject: [vchkpw] which vpopmail to upgrade from 5.2.1

> I'm getting increasingly worried about my install running vpopmail v5.2.1.
>  Don't want to get too far behind the times..... :-)
> Michael Bowe's guide
> http://www.pipeline.com.au/staff/mbowe/isp/webmail-server.htm
> now advocates v 5.3.24, which I guess seems ok given how the recent bug
> reports have shaken out.

> HOWEVER, what do I need to know about the upgrade itself on a running
> system of vpopmail, qmail, courier 1.7, squirrel 1.4.1 ??  I'm into the
> MySQL functions for vpopmail AND Squirrelmail settings and addressbook.
> I don't use qmailadmin now (haven't had a need to yet) so I suspect I'll
> build that new once I upgrade.  One less thing to worry about when
> upgrading.
> Any tips, warnings, howtos?

I dont forsee any problems if you just follow the steps :

extract vpopmail-5.3.24
setup the vmysql.h
make install-strip

then run a few tests to make sure all is working ok (eg do some pop auths,
make a test domain then del the domain)

if it doesnt work for any reason, just go back to your 5.2.1 source dir and
run "make install-strip" which will restore your previous config

Next you will need to build yourself a new install of courier (so it can
link into the newly created vpopmail libs).

You dont have to touch squirrelmail, as it doesnt talk to vpopmail directly.
As long as you get courier-imap running, then squirrelmail will be happy.

You also dont need to touch mysql

qmailadmin is an optional (but recommended) addon. Even if you dont want
your users to have access to it, it is worth installing just for your own
use. It makes many account/mailbox tasks very easy.


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