nik [tm] wrote:

Hi all,

Err, could be a real dumb question, but I am heaps tired and it doesnt make sense, cant find nuthin on google, but might be asking the wrong questions..

I wanna use dot-forward to run email through odeiavir --> f-prot antivirus. I am using vpopmail 5.3.20..

is it as simple as creating a .qmail-nick say with the contents of


in the folder of vpopmail/domains/
to forward email for [EMAIL PROTECTED] through it??

I am happy odeiavir (how hard is that to type!?!) is configured correctly, using f-prot A/V as the main dude..

thanks for any help offered!

now, how funny is that, I got a [EMAIL PROTECTED] 5 minutes after sending my last message, so I can surely say that that doesnt work..
anyone have odeiavir working on their setup and can maybe offer some suggestions..

maybe the .qmail-nick is wrong..

nik [tm]



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