Tom Predmore writes:

>       Wouldn't 5.2.2 be better to use rather then 5.3.24?

It depends upon how many risks you want to take and how much you
need stuff that's in the 5.3 line but not in 5.2.2.

Sadly, the inter7 link to development versions led me to 5.3.23 and
not 5.3.24.  I did have a vague memory of 5.3.24 being mentioned but
I'm suffering from mail list overload, goldfish memory, a very
full deleted folder and idiot customers taking up most of my
time because they managed to get infected with both msblaster
and sobig at the same time (I don't deal with Windoze stuff directly but
their infected machines were overloading the firewalls we supplied
that are 99% idle in normal use and, of course, they were too clueless
to deal with the problem in a sensible fashion).

Sigh.  Customers.  You can't live with them; you can't cut them up into
small pieces and flush them down the toilet (not if you want to get paid).

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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