Do any of the mailboxes on the server work? Is it just this one mailbox that doesnt work?
You should check the permissions on the maildir.
You can restore the default permissions for the whole vpopmail tree, by going back to your vpopmail source dir and re-running "make install-strip"
Also, I think I remember seeing that same error occur if you set the pop3d softlimit setting too low
If you still have no luck, show us a copy of your pop3d run script so we can look to see if you have made any errors
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Thanks, it has authenticated, but is not fetching mail from my Maildir.
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On Sunday, August 24, 2003, at 05:16 AM, Tanmaya Anand wrote:
All the domains i have configured are wroking fine via sqwebmail. but i am unable to use it via any email client
like Outlook Express.

Make sure you configure the email client to use the full email address as the username:

POP/IMAP server:

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