It does not work with the cdb module. 
Here is what I tested
vpopmail 5.3.21 configured for cdb
1) vadddomain test
2) vi vpasswd
add a line for a test account, including postmaster it is:

3) echo "to: [EMAIL PROTECTED]" | /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject

qmail log shows the following:
@400000003f4b81c304f468e4 info msg 2376106: bytes 205 from 
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> qp 14701 uid 0
@400000003f4b81c30566222c starting delivery 2: msg 2376106 to local 
@400000003f4b81c3056629fc status: local 1/100 remote 0/400
@400000003f4b81c30897a754 delivery 2: failure: 
@400000003f4b81c30897b30c status: local 0/100 remote 0/400
@400000003f4b81c309b29cd4 bounce msg 2376106 qp 14705

That is in vdelivermail.c
I would check the values in the vpw structure (print them out).
Probably vpw->pw_dir is neither NULL nor an empty string,
so it doesn't create the maildir. This might be due to 
processing empty fields in the cdb module.

Ken Jones

On Tuesday 26 August 2003 5:09 am, Shane Chrisp wrote:
> Im not too sure about if or how this works without using
> mysql. Maybe Tom or one of the others can shed some more
> light on this one.
> Shane
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> From: Werner Schalk [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Tuesday, 26 August 2003 5:59 PM
> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vpopmail and learn passwords
> Hi,
> where do I find this table if I am not using mysql?
> Could you provide an example?
> Bye and thanks,
> Werner.

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