Michael Bowe has done some incredible work with cleaning up the vpopmail source. He's added comments and tried to eliminate possible buffer overflows throughout most of the codebase.

The 5.3.26 release should be feature-identical to the 5.3.25 release, but includes all of Michael's changes. If you have a problem with 5.3.26, please test 5.3.25 first to see if the problem was already present, or was introduced in Michael's massive update.

Numbers in square brackets refer to the SourceForge Tracker item related to the change.

5.3.25 - released 26-Aug-03

More bug fixes, with the following important new features:

1) MySQL settings are now stored in ~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql
instead of vmysql.h.  Read README.mysql for details.

2) The install process should allow you to install to /usr/local
without totally trashing your other programs.


Tom Collins
- Fix code in vdelivermail.c that builds Delivered-To header on
  catchall emails.  (strips "domain-" from "[EMAIL PROTECTED]")
- Convert vpgsql.c from DOS to Unix format (strip \r). [785680]
- Modified to allow installs to /usr/local instead
  of /home/vpopmail (uses install, doesn't chmod/chown). [787551]
- Polished vpopmail-5.2-vmysql.patch ported by Oden. [791405]
- If configured to use MySQL, creates a sample
  vpopmail.mysql if one doesn't exist and makes it read/write for
  vpopmail.vchkpw only.
- Added tracker item numbers to ChangeLog for all closed trackers.
- Updated INSTALL and FAQ with links to SourceForge.

Oden Eriksson
- Ported vpopmail-5.2-vmysql.patch to 5.3.24. [778502, 791405]
- Added sparse documentation how to use it.

Justin Heesemann
- Fix vdominfo to show correct domain for alias domains when
  displaying all domains. [785241]
- Add vmoddomlimits program to modify domain limits.  Works
  for both vlimits and .qmailadmin-limits methods.
- Add V_OVERRIDE user flag for users who aren't affected by
  domain limits (.qmailadmin-limits or vlimits).
- Update authentication modules to apply domain limits to users.
  (Currently disabled pending solution to SF BUG 795688.)

Evren Yurtesen
- Add cleartext support to vconvert (when converting MySQL to
  cdb). [785690]

Michael Bowe
- More cleanup in vget_assign() calls. [785735]
- Allow vget_assign() to return real domain when passed alias.
- Fix error messages in vmysql.c. [792959]


5.3.26 - released 26-Aug-03


Michael Bowe
- Recoding work with the main focus of :
                * Ensuring strings are null terminated
                * Checking the return value of important function calls
                * Eliminating buffer overflow opportunities
                * Adding comprehensive comments to source files
  Files that have been reviewed so far :
                clearopensmtp.c, vaddaliasdomain.c, vadddomain.c, vadduser.c,
                valias.c, vconvert.c, vdeldomain.c, vdeloldusers.c,
                vdeluser.c, vdominfo.c, vipmap.c, vkill.c, vlimits.c,
                vmkpasswd.c, vmoddomlimits.c, vmoduser.c, vpasswd.c,
                vpopbull.c, vpopmail.c, vsetuserquota.c, vuserinfo.c
  Files that still require a review :
                vactivedir.c, vcdb.c, vchkpw.c, vdelivermail.c,
                vldap.c, vmysql.c, vpalias.c, vpgsql.c, vqmaillocal.c,

Tom Collins
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