Hi Raymond
From memory you have used my webmail server guide to install your vpopmail system
If this is the case, and you now want to convert to using roaming users, then I suggest you will need to do these steps :
* mv /etc/tcp.smtp* /home/vpopmail/etc
* edit the file
  and change the references of :
  to be :
* edit the file
   and change the references of
   to be
 * qmailctl restart
 * optionally download a copy of vpopmail-5.3.24 or later (I would recommend you do this)
 * delete your previous vpopmail source dir
 * extract your vpopmail source
 * configure --enable-roaming-users=y plus any of your other config settings
   make install-strip
 * In the /home/vpopmail/etc/ dir, you should now see the tcp.smtp.cdb file auto-updating each time someone successfully pop auths.
Dont forget to crontab the clearopensmtp script to run periodically
Dont forget that you then need to also rebuild any other apps that use the vpopmail libraries
     * go to your qmailadmin source dir
     * make clean
     * ./configure (with your preferred options)
     * make install-strip
     * go to your courier-imap source dir
     * make clean
     * ./configure (with your preferred options)
     * make install
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Please Help

I recompile vpopmail with --enable roaming=y-- but it still does not work. I can connect to via pop3 server but can not send mail. It reply with "domain isn't in my list of allow rcpthosts". I don't know what's wrong or what I'd missing. I really need to get this up and running. Any help will be great. I'm runningredhat 8.0, vpopmail 5.3.14, qmailadmin, and courier-imap.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide


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