Hi Tobias,

please respond to the list only; I'm subscribed and don't want to get
your answers twice. Thanks.

> Ok so i can rewrite the supervise script to run with couriertcpd and
> courierpop3d instead

Especially, using Courier's pop3login and Courier's vpopmail
authentication module instead of qmail-popup and vchkpw - that's what
the source of your problem is.

> Is it possible to get the courierpop3d to work with vpopmail  ?


> How could a supervisescript for that look like ?

You should consult the Courier IMAP list for that; this isn't vpopmail

I don't have supervise scripts for pop3d, but my imapd supervise script
reads like this:

--- cut here ---
exec 2>&1
exec envdir ../env \
/usr/local/bin/tcpserver -v -R 0 143 \
$PREFIX/sbin/imaplogin $PREFIX/libexec/authlib/authvchkpw \
$PREFIX/bin/imapd Maildir
--- stop cutting ---

It should be easy to implement pop3login/authvchkpw/pop3d in a similar

For full "djb-style" installation instructions, look here:


It's a bit outdated, but I don't plan to update it any more; instead I
suggest the use of dovecot or bincimap.


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