On Fri, 29 Aug 2003, Jonas Pasche wrote:

> > How could a supervisescript for that look like ?
> You should consult the Courier IMAP list for that; this isn't vpopmail
> related.

Heh heh.  I wouldn't.  I looked at the archives and Mr. Sam is about as
helpful and caring as DJB.  The only thing I found was him calling someone
"stupid" for wanting to run his daemons under supervise.

Personally, I like putting things there so that they can be restarted if
they fail.  Mr. Sam, being a perfect human being, apparently has written
software that will never fail, so I guess we can all sleep easier... :)

> For full "djb-style" installation instructions, look here:
> http://jonaspasche.de/courier-imap-daemontools.txt

Thanks, that's good bookmark material.

> It's a bit outdated, but I don't plan to update it any more; instead I
> suggest the use of dovecot or bincimap.

Never heard of 'em.


> Jonas

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