It's not question of being stupid or smart, just what you like and feel useful.

Anyway, I'm running all the qmail stuff since two years (courier a little bit lesser) without supervise, and I never had a problem.

I've examined the supervise architecture, and I don't like it.

Unique problems on MySQL, failing sometimes to work (without crashing, so supervise would be unuseful with it).



At 29/08/03 29/08/03 +0200, you wrote:
Hi Charles,

> The only thing I found was him calling someone
> "stupid" for wanting to run his daemons under supervise.

That doesn't raise my personal opinion on him. ;-)

I care for my daemons. Therefore I want them to run supervised. If Mr.
Sam is THAT sure that his daemons will never fail, he'd better show that
through paying $500 to every admin who observes imapd crashing, instead
of calling people "stupid" that want to use supervise.

> > It's a bit outdated, but I don't plan to update it any more; instead I
> > suggest the use of dovecot or bincimap.
> Never heard of 'em.

Ok, so here's some advertising:


"Dovecot is an IMAP and POP3 server for Linux/UNIX-like systems, written
with security primarily in mind. Although it's written with C, it uses
several coding techniques to avoid most of the common pitfalls. Dovecot
can work with standard mbox and maildir formats and it's fully
compatible with UW-IMAP and Courier IMAP servers as well as mail clients
accessing the mailboxes directly."

(Dovecot has its own authentication module for vpopmail accounts.)

Binc IMAP:

"Binc IMAP is a GPL licensed IMAP4rev1 server for Maildir, written in
C++. It strives to be a rock solid, fast, flexible, easy to use, RFC
(standards) compliant, secure IMAP server. For those familiar with
qmail-pop3d, this IMAP server will be the natural choice. It is invoked
similarily and uses checkpassword to authenticate."

(As Binc IMAP uses a checkpassword compatible interface, it is perfectly
in harmony with vpopmail's vchkpw.)


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