> Qmail starts ok, qmailctl stat give no errors:
> /service/qmail-send: up (pid 14307) 1 seconds
> /service/qmail-send/log: up (pid 12920) 101 seconds
> /service/qmail-smtpd: up (pid 14316) 0 seconds
> /service/qmail-smtpd/log: up (pid 14303) 1 seconds

qmail-send logging is running for 101 seconds, but the other services at
0 respectively 1 seconds. That doesn't look like "no errors" to me.

Errors of qmail-send can be found in the qmail-send log, which seems to
be ok. Errors of qmail-smtpd can be found in the qmail-smtpd log, which
doesn't seem to be ok; check the readproctitle log with "ps".

> But when I try to connect from email client I can't, the port 110 is
> closed, and so port 25. 

Judging from your svstat output, you don't have a qmail-pop3d server
configured, so it's no wonder port 110 is closed. Having port 25 closed
only shows there is an configuration error.

> Has anybody suffered this problem with qmail?

This is no problem with qmail; it's a problem with a broken installation
or misconfiguration. Delete all the qmail stuff and reinstall using
"Life with qmail" (http://lifewithqmail.org/), then ask for help on the
qmail mailing list. "Life with qmail" has been thorougly tested by
hundreds of successful qmail users.

If you don't want to do that, you should consult the qmailrocks authors
for support or look if there's mailing list.

In any case, this is no vpopmail problem. Please send further questions
on this topic to the according mailing list.


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