I seem to be having a problem where the mail server is attepting to deliver
to a local account even though vpopmail is up and running.  Just to explain
the situation:

I have a mail server running vpop+qmail+mysql.  Presently we have 20 domains
serving from this configuration just fine with only one problem domain.  I
can see by the machine IPs that the mail is being routed through DNS to the
proper place and I can send emails to an from this domain in question
without a problem.  It is when I check the postmaster mail for the server
that I find hundreds of bounces per hour for this domain and these are
reported to me only because they are SPAM and the bounce message sent to the
sender is bouncing back to the postmaster account.

> mail.local: unknown name: xxxxx
> 550 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>... User unknown

What I am wondering is how much mail might not be reported back to the
postmaster but is still failing.  The customer in this case has reported
that they have had problems with their contacts saying the mail is bouncing
but I have not gotten a bounce message from him on these reports so the SPAM
is what I am working from at the present time.  Once again, I can see that
the mail is being routed to the proper location by virtue of the IP
addresses represented in the message dialouge.

Has anyone seen behavior such as this before?  I am at a bit of a loss as to
what might be happening.


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