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> I am trying to disable the pop before smtp feature in my vpopmail 
> installation. Is there any way to do it without recompiling the software?

In general: NO.
In this special case: you can point 'tcpserver ... qmail-popup ...' to
a .cdb that is not updated by vpopmail/vchkpw. Or with no '-x' at all.
But of course all this will not prevent vpopmail/vchkpw from updating
the 'open-stmp' and 'tcp-smtp.cdb' files and w/o a regularly run
'clearopensmtp' the open-smtp file will grow and grow and the process
of CDB-file creating will sometimes slow down and cost system

So for a "clean" solution w/o any "overhead left" you'll have to
recompile vpopmail w/o '--enable-roaming-users'.
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