5.3.27 - released 4-Sep-03

Michael Bowe
- Now that MySQL prefs are stored in a separate file, set
permissions on libvpopmail.a to 644 to allow non-root users
to compile apps like courier-imap. [795773]
- Include [RBLSMTPD=""] in tcp.smtp updates under MySQL and
PostgreSQL for consistency with cdb. [795793]

Tom Collins
- Fix Makefile.am to use short options for better cross-platform
- Update privileges on vpopmail.mysql during install.
- Added 'make fix-priv' to update ownership of ~vpopmail/domains.
- Move creation of inc_deps and lib_deps to Makefile.am from
- Fix vgetent() in vpopmail.c. [799466]
- Move date_header() from vdelivermail.c to vpopmail.c for
shared use with vpopbull.c.
- Print "Date: " header in messages sent with vpopbull. [790776]
- Make sure files created by vpopbull are owned by vpopmail.vchkpw
and have 0600 permissions. [800030]
- In valias, don't allow user to create duplicate alias. [796527]
- Update quota parsing code and centralize to format_maildirquota()
in vpopmail.c. [775757]
- Update vsetuserquota.c to use vsetuserquota() in vpopmail.c.
- Update vmoduser.c to use format_maildirquota() in vpopmail.c.
- Fix -r option in vadddomain. [800212]

Jorge Valdes (patch from 10-Apr-2003)
- Allow vpopbull to run without -f option if -n is used. This
allows `vpopbull -n -V` to display a list of users. [798034]

Tom Collins
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