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When I got to the part about installing mysql, I realized that mysql was already installed when I loaded Redhat 9. I decided that rather than try to remove it, I would try to use the installation I already had and just configure it accordingly. Well, I managed to work thru that and everything seemed OK until I got to the part where you do a ./configure and there are a bunch of parameters you pass to it like --enable-domain-quotas=n \. I guess there were about 10 of these.

if you're not already using it, install "apt" from http://apt.freshrpms.net/ ... this is a port of debian's apt system, written as a wrapper around rpm (instead of being a wrapper around dpkg like it is on debian.) very handy, IMHO every redhat machine should have it.

then do "apt-get update" to download (or update) your list of which versions of each package are available, and then "apt-get mysql-devel" to download and install the package with the files you need.

once it's installed, "rpm -ql mysql-devel" will show you what files it installed, and you can tell which directory names to give on your ./configure command line.


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