I've got a working mysql and vpopmail setup going, with replication support. For 
those that don't know, replication support in vpopmail means that all updates go to a 
single server, where lookups can be sent to another server. I have a local copy of the 
replicated database on each machine to spread the load out and to be more robust in 
the face of other machine failure. Unfortunately, this makes each machine dependant on 
the mysql update server, since each login triggers an update to the lastauth table. 
How have other people solved this, without just disabling mysql logging? Has anyone 
used any of the more rare multiple-master ring topologys in mysql to let each server 
I really don't want to setup a dedicated "mysql server" just to handle updates like 
this. I'm also planning to start using spamassassin mysql preferences, so I'd like any 
server to be able to update the database with user preferences, and the change 
replicate around. Does anyone have any input on this? Anyone use squirrelmail with 
their preferences in the database as well?


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