On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 02:31:39PM -0500, Nick Harring wrote:
> I'm about to tackle this same problem myself, since I'm about to ditch a 
> pair of Solaris boxes for my NFS mounted mail spools and instead move to 
> filers. My plan is to instead use Linux HA to have two machines as a 
> failover cluster mounting the database via NFS.  I think this'll be a 
> lot cleaner, and will also integrate in a nicer fashion with the concept 
> vpopmail has of mysql replication.
> Your other option, if you've got money to spend on the problem, is to 
> get a database server which is both supported by vpopmail and supports 
> more flexible replication. I'd recommend Sybase, since they support real 
> two way replication, and their replication speed is amazing.

Thanks for the input. I would assume Sybase also supports concurrent access to the DB 
files over NFS, since you're planning to use that. I know mysql specifically doesn't 
allow that (at least with MyISAM tables). Unfortunately, Sybase pricing is probably 
greater than the cost of labor in setting up a dedicated mysql server. What is a 
typical Sybase price for a setup like yours?


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