Hi, all

I installed qmail + vpopmail-5.3.23 + courier-imap + mysql and maildir+
so, I configured vpopmail with 20971520S default quota, and
I could see a record "20971520S" in the file maildirsize under user's main
and the same record in mysql corresponding entry.

later, I set some user with 100M quota, so I run the command:

~vpopmail/bin/seruserquota [EMAIL PROTECTED] 104857600S

then, I found the mysql entry had been modify into 104857600S,
but the file maildirsize had not. it is still 20M.....

and then I send a 40M file to this user, the file was been received, so
we can say the quota of this user is already up to 100M, but
is this a bug of the command "setuserquota" or just need to do
vpopmail with some maildir+ patch??


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