Wow, this list is beginning to look like the qmail list.

Why is there so much pointless arguing and disagreement over something
as simple as giving Inter7 admin access to the project on SourceForge?
I don't know the staff @ Inter7 personally, but I am sure they would
never do anything to hurt the development of this software.  To be
frank, I don't know anyone on this list, but all seem geared towards its
successful progression.

What is the big deal? Give them admin access, that way the user
community does not have to deal with forking projects.  It's ridiculous.
If anything, it will form a bond between the development efforts of all
parties involved and the project can flourish.  

I can understand that Tom is spearheading the new super-charged
development effort for the project, and that is wonderfull.  I simply
suggested that there should be a change in the valias code, and it was
done a few days later.  A small testament to the power of open source

However, if I had begun a project, worked on it for years, and then
gotten busy with other things (as life often does to us), I would have a
certain feeling of authority or status over the fruits of my labor, just
as Inter7 obviously does.  I am confident that if Inter7 is given admin
rights, they will not demote anyone.

I would not be so kind in my reply to Tom, as Inter7 has been, had I
been told that I could not have the same level of access as he to the
very project that I started & raised.  True, it is a GPL project, and
Tom, or whoever else, can fork away to their hearts content.  But
honestly people, is that really necessary?  Are there any actual
algorithm or implementation disagreements that would warrant a fork on
this or any other related project?  Everybody wants stable, fast,
feature-rich, quality software.

The vpopmail/vchkpw project is a suite of small, *VERY* usefull
programs.  Please all, can we keep this simple and pure.  Tom, I mean no
insult, but I do believe that you are being a little childish about
this.  Give the creators of the suite access, and lets see some posts on
this list that actually have something to do with anything besides


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