My first and only e-mail

Like most of the people who are members of this list, we are the benefactors
of your work over the past many years.  I take vpopmail and qmailadmin,
customise them to add in our own features, in a production environment and
our clients are happy with them.  We contributed little and are reaping the
fruit of your labor.

I am sorry to see many disrespectful words towards you being thrown around
thanklessly.  I don't understand this "spoiled brat" demeanor.  I don't know
whether people are born with this entitlement attitude or they just acquire
them over a period of time which they mostly take from others.

I have been on this list long enough to know that you have been generously
donating a lot of your time in developing these software and providing help
to those in need including myself.

Ken, I am sure you must be saying to yourself "why, after all that I have
done for this community, that there are these dis-respectful and thankless
All projects have their moments.  There are periods of great ideas and spurs
of development and other time, a slow down.  At times other people such as
Bill Shupp stepped in and contributed.  You showed great cooperation.

I hope you do not think that a few of these rants are representative of the
wide, and more thoughtful membership.

Do not let these bitter, abusive words discourage you from continuing to

On behalf of those who are the benefactors of your work over the past many
years,  you have our THANKS.


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