On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Paul L. Allen wrote:

> Ms. Catherine Kouzmanoff writes:
> > It is a  time to call together everyone on this list to insist that Tom
> > Collins  add Ken Jones or another representative from Inter7.
> I've been using vpopmail for a few years now and didn't really care who
> was in control as long as somebody was.  When I saw Ken's comments I
> thought that perhaps Tom had acted a little precipitously in blocking
> Ken.  After seeing your shameful comments I am inclined to think that
> Tom was correct.

I've got a guess as to what's going on, based on the timing of this.  To
anyone on this list, it's obvious that Tom was undertaking some radical
changes in how the project will be *administered*.  There is now a place
for users to submit bug reports, and those that can code to submit
patches.  I also assume that in the future there will be things for people
like myself to do; FAQ entries, documentation, helping with
administering the mailing lists hosted as SF, etc.  These are all positive

So in the months that Tom has been (not so quietly) doing this, not a peep
from Inter7.  Now a few days ago, Tom solicited help in creating a front
page for the SF project.  This would presumably be a home for
documentation, a FAQ, an install guide, etc.  All items that do not exist.
Right after this announcement, we hear not from Ken, but from the CFO of
Inter7.  Maybe I'm making a leap here, but I think that the loss of the
redirect from "vpopmail.sf.net" to the inter7 site is the problem.

Inter7 is a business, and their business is selling "pop toasters" and
support of their software.  Currently, I must imagine that some amount of
their customer base came there after visiting the vpopmail project pages.
If the new home of vpopmail is "vpopmail.sf.net", they lose that sales

I think that is what precipitated all this, and that everything else is

Personally, I *want* a real homepage for vpopmail.  I *want* to contribute
docs, and I *want* to make it easier for new users to find information
about the project, even simple info like "what is vpopmail?" is helpful,
followed by a complete list of required software, links to the various
"toaster" sites, and of course links to companies that provide commercial
support or "toaster-in-a-box" hardware/software solutions.

Again, just a guess, but the timing seems to point to the homepage issue
being the unspoken center of debate here...

Some have been calling anyone that speaks up "ingrateful" and "unhelpful".
Let me just state that while I am not (yet) much of a C coder, I would
gladly offer up my time for the following:

-documentation on a new vpopmail homepage
-aggressive testing of development releases
-CVS repository hosting (primary, or simply mirroring for when SF has
-a FreeBSD 4.x development environment for interested developers
-mailing list administration (ie: reaping malicious subs, deleting those
with autoresponders, answering manual unsub requests, etc.)

> Ken himself seems like a nice guy who is genuinely concerned for the
> users and who feels left out.  You seem like a piece of shit determined
> to keep the Inter7 stamp on vpopmail at all costs (which fall upon the
> users).

Ditto.  I was disturbed by the tone of the CFO, and somewhat puzzled.



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