On Wednesday, September 10, 2003, at 04:22 PM, Alex Martin wrote:

Please post this answer to the list!
I have been searching for this answer for two days now, and I was about to
post to this list. I think a lot of people would like to know this.

Ok, here's where I'm at now:

I upgraded to spamassassin 2.55, and am starting spamd like so from daemontools:

exec /usr/bin/spamd -c -D -F0 -L -u vpopmail -v

And spamc is called via maildrop with these options:

/usr/bin/spamc -f -u [EMAIL PROTECTED]

It's now working, but spamd seems to create ~/.spamassassin/.spamassassin on the first creation attempt, and reports and error that it could not create the prefs file. Upon second attempt, it creates it successfully. Still trying to pinpoint where that's breaking, but other than that it works.

I'm using this in the context of WebUserPrefs, a PHP config tool for SpamAssassin, plus a new panel that allows for optional deletion of spam. Once I get all this working smoothly, I'll post some docs on how it's working for me. Looks pretty cool, tho.


Bill Shupp

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