On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 07:56:55AM -0500, Ken Jones wrote:
> On Thursday 11 September 2003 1:05 am, Flavio Curti wrote:
> > domains/X/ directory. I would like to start it over again (ie, add the
> > new domains to domains/A/ again). Is there a way to do this? Any
> Just delete the .dir-control file (or the dir_control table in mysql).
> The it will start adding the domains to /domains/ again.
Is it necessary to delete the whole table? It seems to hold informations
about the domains aswell. I modified the dom_600 entry to say 0 users
and 'a' is the next letter. Was this safe to do?

Thank you & Greetz

Flavio Curti


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