The problem I had was that even though a username and password was set
for a user the username and pass wouldn't work, then when I tried out of
interest with my pass for shell access both imap and pop3 boxes were
emptied into outlook.

When I try to recompile IMAP-courier I get an error about gdbm or gbdm,
unfortunately I don't have access to the exact error from here.

I think I may have to reinstall everything, does any1 have any advice on
saving settings / emails?  If I use the same maildir format then it
shouldn't affect already delivered emails should it?

Many thanks

PS. Sorry for noobness, I have not installed vpopmail before.

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You don't say what the problem actually is Tom ..
'works incorrectly' doesn't tell us anything.

qmail and vpopmail,  and  courier IMAP / squirrelmail

However, once qmail is in and the daemons are running,
a deinstall/make distclean, or otherwise of vpopmail
seems to not cause any trouble. 


--- Tom Spencer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I
> couldn't find anything:
> I have previously installed qmail, squirrelmail and
> courier-imap..
> Now when I try to install vpopmail it works
> incorrectly.
> I imagine I should have installed courier-imap then
> vpopmail.
> Is there a way round the problem?

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