Thank you Tom and Ken for solving your "differences" maturely and politely.
We all appreciate your work.

Kind regards.

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On Wednesday, September 10, 2003, at 04:45  PM, Ken Jones wrote:
> Untill CVS is up and running, how would I go about
> packaging up a new release?

CVS is up now.  Please start with that code, as it includes a few 
changes to the current tarball.

I forgot to mention the following in my previous email:

If you'd like to keep up with changes committed to CVS, you can 
subscribe to vpopmail-cvs 

> Would it be as simple as:
> 1) get the current tarball
> 2) apply changes to my local copy
> 3) test test test
> 4) tar up the package with a new version number
> 5) upload to source forge?

With CVS (actual cvs commands in quotes), you should "checkout" the 
vpopmail module from the vpopmail CVS repository, make your changes to 
your checked out version, and "commit" those changes (with a note 
explaining what they're for).  Whenever you start working on the 
source, be sure to "update" your copy from the repository.  You can 
"diff" your copy with the current repository copy to see where changes 
are. Or get the "status" on a file (or all files).

I look to others with more experience than I for how to build releases. 
  My understanding is that when we have a stable version of vpopmail in 
CVS, we'll tag it with a name like "vpopmail-5-3-28-release" (periods 
aren't allowed in tags).  Then, go to another directory and do a cvs 
"export" to get the files as of that release tag, and tgz *that* up for 

Ken, please go into the Admin section of the vpopmail project and take 
a look at the File Releases section.  Maybe once we're ready for a 
release, we can get on the phone and I'll talk you though the process.

Tom Collins
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