On Sun, 14 Sep 2003, Bill Shupp wrote:

> On Sunday, September 14, 2003, at 01:24  PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> > While looking for info on how to get more logging out of qmail-smtpd
> > (auth
> > failures),
> vchkpw compiled with --enable-logging=v, will show success smtp logins,
> as well as failures with the attempted password.  You'll need the dev
> version, though.  Very useful.

I've got that, so I can see possible auth failures, but my problem seems
to come after TLS negotiation and before smtp-auth.  If I setup pine to
use this mail server for outgoing, it negotiates ssl and then prints "smtp
server has gone away", and there's a coredump (sig 10) on qmail-smtpd.

Oddly, doing the same with Apple's mail.app (the only other MUA I have
handy at the moment) works fine (using smtp-auth + tls).  I'm going to try
pulling some patches out one by one, but I was hoping first to get some
debugging info out of qmail-smtpd first, so I at least have a hint as to
where to look.



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> Bill Shupp

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