Hello all,

I'm having some problems getting maildrop to behave properly when someone
goes over quota.  This is vpopmail 5.3.27 and maildrop 1.5.2 (with quota

First of all, when vdelivermail is delivering the mail, there's no
problem.  If the user is over 90%, they get a warning, if they are over
quota, the sender gets a bounce (is there a way to customize that

However users that have their mail filtered through maildrop never get a
warning.  I call maildrop with "-w 90" which should deliver
/usr/local/etc/qoutawarnmsg to the user when they go over 90% usage.
Additionally, once they are over quota, maildrop starts delivering to
/var/mail/vpopmail.  That's the really bad part.

Any ideas?



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