> On Friday, September 19, 2003, at 09:01  PM, Rick van Vliet wrote:
>> I have several user on a small vpopmail domain, that seem to be able
>> to send and get mail fine.
>> However, AppleMail (OSX 10.2) seems to leave a "vchkpw: password fail
>> (Using password authentication on the Mac client end)
>> Wondering if someone has thoughts on why I'm getting that fail,
>> despite the user being able to send/retrieve?
> I use Apple Mail without any problem...
> What version of vpopmail are you using, and where do you see the
> "password fail" error?  Is this when picking up mail, or sending with

I also get this error on POP authentication with my Apple Mail users,
currently using 5.3.24 but has been consistent through versions over the
last year. The mail comes in fine, and they get no error on their end, only
in the logs. 

Errors just look like:

Jul 17 16:44:01 papercutmedia vpopmail[15850]: vchkpw: password fail

Using a heavily modified Redhat 7.3.

Interestingly, I always get one of these the first time I POP into an
account (any vpopmail account) using MS Entourage on OS X. But Entourage
actually returns an auth error. Then I pop again and it's fine forever more
(with no error in the logs) - could be separate issue but might be helpful!

Patrick Pittman
Papercut Media

(sorry for double post to tom, accidentally didn't reply to list)

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