måndagen den 22 september 2003 17.48 skrev Patrick Pittman:
> > On Friday, September 19, 2003, at 09:01  PM, Rick van Vliet wrote:
> >> I have several user on a small vpopmail domain, that seem to be able
> >> to send and get mail fine.
> >> However, AppleMail (OSX 10.2) seems to leave a "vchkpw: password fail
> >> (Using password authentication on the Mac client end)
> >>
> >> Wondering if someone has thoughts on why I'm getting that fail,
> >> despite the user being able to send/retrieve?
> >
> > I use Apple Mail without any problem...
> >
> > What version of vpopmail are you using, and where do you see the
> > "password fail" error?  Is this when picking up mail, or sending with
> I also get this error on POP authentication with my Apple Mail users,
> currently using 5.3.24 but has been consistent through versions over the
> last year. The mail comes in fine, and they get no error on their end, only
> in the logs.

I (co)manage a system where apple people say apop auth fails or something like 
that. I looked in the code but couldn't find any apop in there, I seem to 
remember apop was removed?

I was stupid using a patch that claimed apop capa in qmail-popup and 
qmail-pop3d, but removed it. Is it so that apple mail clients autoconfigure 
when the account is setup, but cannot reconfigure, or is it simply a human 

Using v5.3.27.

Regards // Oden Eriksson, Deserve-IT.com

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