Hello list ..

I tried the gentoo list with this problem, but no luck ..

I have finally taken the shot at trying to get this working ..

What is working?

Qmail, vpopmail, courier-imapd, qmail-pop3d and squirrelmail, qmail-scanner,
clamav(minor problems)

this all works ...

what I am trying to involve now is
procmail and spamassassin

there really isn't much documentation to get this all working especially
under gentoo .. but I don't think there is much to configure with either of
these packages ..
.. so I was wondering if I'd get any help here ..

I think that vpopmail being involved is what is confusing me ..

most have the $HOME as /home/USER/.maildir

well with vpopmail I have it as ..

/var/vpopmail/domains/USER/Maildir/ and from there it is new, cur, etc ..

also I do not see this X-Spam file anywhere?

any help is appreciated ..

thanks ..

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