On Monday, September 22, 2003, at 11:08 AM, Oden Eriksson wrote:
I (co)manage a system where apple people say apop auth fails or something like
that. I looked in the code but couldn't find any apop in there, I seem to
remember apop was removed?

I was stupid using a patch that claimed apop capa in qmail-popup and
qmail-pop3d, but removed it. Is it so that apple mail clients autoconfigure
when the account is setup, but cannot reconfigure, or is it simply a human

Perhaps that's the problem.

If the POP server claims APOP authentication, then Apple Mail may try APOP first, have it fail, and then fall back on plain authentication.

There's also an Advanced Tab in Mail where you can select the port, whether to use SSL, and what type of Authentication to use. It lists Password, Kerberos Version 4, Kerberized POP (KPOP), Kerberos Version 5 and MD5 Challenge-Response. From a quick web check, it looks like APOP uses MD5, so I'm assuming that the MD5 entry refers to APOP.

Can you have this user check their settings to make sure they aren't using APOP?

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