I have a single IP system hosting 8 domains.  1/2 my
users are real /etc/passwd users with home directories
I'd like to store their e-mail in ~/Maildir and then there
are a bunch of other forward-only people and some virtual
(non /etc/passwd) users I want vpopmail to handle
and store their email.

Is there a simple how-to guide on the web explaining how to set this up.
The vpopmail doc only seems to talk specifically about the virtual side
and I'm not seeing how to make it work with qmail and do what I want to
do (non-virt & virt).

I used www.qmail.ru lazydog setup with a number of patches
(maildir++) and all-in-one feature set.

I get the following in my maillog when I try sending to
a local user.

Sep 20 23:35:26 host1 qmail: 1064115326.821226 delivery 274: failure:

This is a brand new RH9 system with NO mail on it at all.  There's no
way the user is over quota.  I'm thinking that vpopmail is
somehow intercepting the local mail now, but I'm not exactly
sure how (or why) that's happening.

What's the best way to set up a combo local and vpopmail

Can anyone be of assistance?


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