/var/qmail/control/me, virtualdomains, rcpthosts, morercpthosts, and morercpthosts.cdb should be readable by all.

Why don't you post an ls -l of your /var/qmail/control directory and we can tell you what's wrong with it...

Also, what's inside each of the files I listed above?

I was using version 5.3.12. I've upgraded to vpopmail-5.3.27. I fixed the permissions on the mentioned
files, then I had to delete the cdb files in control and user directories. Then added and deleted the domain

I didn't get a failure message after deleting the domain and did not realize anything was wrong until I tried
to check my email. I should have posted the perms but was in a panic. I think the perms on morercphosts
were 600.


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