Now it's too late...

I think I had some problems with that. For some reason not all mail would get 
scanned. I believe the pop-before-smtp user's was never scanned. This is 
probably why I made this patch. I was (and still) running vpopmail with mysql, 
tcpserver with mysql patch.

This has proven useful if some user's computer gets infected with any email 
worm variant, the system would hopefully stop the legitimate user from using 
the server as a virus mailer relay, with the overhead costs of course...

Tim Hasson

Quoting Tom Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 05:43  AM, Tim Hasson wrote:
> > I posted this patch a long while ago, and I posted it several times...
> >
> > Hope someone notices and somehow magically add it to the
> > documentation/faq/code..
> >
> > Actually, it would be nice as a configure option..
> Why don't you just define QMAIL_QUEUE in the run file for qmail-smtpd?  
> If it's going to be set for all IP addresses, then there's no point in 
> putting it in the tcp.smtp file.  When I was running qmail-scanner, it 
> worked just fine.
> If you add some text describing when/how/why to use your patch, we can 
> include it in the contrib directory if it's still necessary/useful.
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