I've been googling for some time on this, and I'd like some feedback from
someone who has perhaps already moved a large number of accounts from mbox
to Maildir as part of a migration to vpopmail.

My favorite so far is "mb2md":


This one does almost everything.  It puts correct dates on all the
messages as it goes, retains read/unread flags, doesn't delete the
original mbox without telling you (oops), sets mtime on each message, and

The downside, it's really slow.  It uses python, and calls formail on
every message.  It looks like doing a conversion using this, even on very
fast hardware would take many hours based on my quick tests of
moderate-sized mailboxes.

Can anyone suggest something similar that's more efficient?  The above
features are important to me to try and make this move as transparent as
possible to the userbase.



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