Tom Collins writes:

> We essentially need a way to tell autorespond that it's acting as a 
> vacation responder, or an auto responder.

>From the last time I looked at it, autorespond just doesn't have the
smarts necessary.  It is designed to respoond to any incoming mail,
no matter what.  And for an autorespondr replying that "All our
highly-treined monkeys are eating peanuts right now but they'll get
back to you when they've finished flinging their excrement at idiots
like you" then that is fine.  For an autoresponder you need a lo
more smarts.  It has to ignore any sign of mailing lists,  It has to
not respond to the same address twice in a given period of time.

The mailbot which comes with maildrop has the necessary features. And
it it is accessible by sqebmsil'x filters.  Which is why I urge you to
play with the latest sqwebmail.  I have issues with Mr Sam whther or
not you do, but the maildrop vacation stuff works and I'd hate tp see
yet another alternative in qmailadmin.  Again I offer you the chance
to see what sqebmail does before implementing something different in

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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