how about roaming users?

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> Hello Raboo,
> On Thursday, September 25, 2003 at 7:35:17 PM you wrote (at least in
> part):
> > Have anyone tried to use BincIMAP with vpopmail or know if it even works
with it
> Yes and yes.
> Quite easy: replace 'checkpassword' call with 'vchkpw' (and adjust
> path to password checker if necessary) and you should be done.
> Be aware that in default installation the configuration file prohibits
> 'plain text authentication' methods if not connected through SSL; you
> might therefore have to adjust the config file if you want/need
> 'PLAIN' authentication over default :443 connections.
> P.S.: Have I overseen the special reason why your question had to be
> published with HTML markups?
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